Kief is made without any compositional change to the cannabis itself. It is simply cannabis trichomes that have been separated from the plant matter. This is normally done by running cannabis flowers, trimmings, or leaves back and forth across a fine screen that effectively removes the trichomes and dried cannabis resin, which is collected below.

This is where the active components are most concentrated, so the end result is a concentrated cannabis resin that can be vaporized, smoked or added to edibles and topicals.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is named from the method by which it is made, the Bubble Method. Cannabis flowers, trimmings and leaves are added to a large container with ice and water. The concoction is blended vigorously for about an hour. The cold conditions, as well as the vigorous mixing, separates the cannabis resin from the plant material. Using a micron filter (bubble bag), the desired cannabis resin is separated from the plant material and is collected, dried, and cured. This is the same method used for making Sand Hash. In order to turn Sand Hash into quality Bubble Hash, it must be gently heat pressed. The end result is a dark brown substance that is hard but malleable.

Full Melt

Full Melt is a more modern approach to hash making and is produced using solvents like butane, CO2, ether, and oxygen. Its name derives from its ability to melt completely. Due to the lack of plant material, Full Melt doesn’t burn like other types of hash. Instead, it melts completely before it begins to burn from a flame. Despite the use of solvents, Full Melt Hash can be some of the purest, highest-concentrated cannabis medicine available. Full Melt is so soft and contains so much cannabis resin that its appearance is waxy and it can begin to melt just from the heat created by handling it.